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Thank you for the pointer to the other thread.

For now, my (own) solution to this will be “server side” based Information Dashboard and will be untethered from the Web App for the graphing of data it will not be real time, it will be historical with a 1-5 minute granularity due to polling constraints on the 1.42u hardware leaving enough CPU/Ethernet time for the hardware to take care of timing and also service the WEB/Mobile UI and buttons. I am reading the sprinkler ON/Off values now every 60 seconds, I will begin graphing it as soon as I get the rrd specifics sorted out. Discovered (probably in the docs) that I can read all station bits at once (bonus), now every 60 seconds to see if I can get that 100% reliable for a long, long period of time. I will change the polling time to <15 seconds to see what that does if 60 works. For long term storage, I can not see that 15 second time increments would be of value and would consume a great deal of resources on the server as well as the browser to plot that data. That type of application would be realtime or almost. 60 seconds ago 4 stations were on, now only 1 so flow data can be calculated fairly well.... Pressure and Flow alarms/stats would be very useful again adding a dedicated pressure and flow sensor device with IP so as to not pollute the original sources. At this point I want to learn are the hooks into your "portal". When I discover my questions I may ask at minimum to hook into the menus of the Mobile APP.