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Hardware: 1.2U DIY
Firmware: 1.8.3
Network: OS Controller and Web server on the same LAN/Subnet

In the past few weeks, I’ve encountered a “new” (for me) problem. I’ve been running OS for a while now, first hosting Ray’s scripts/images on my own internal web server (ArchLinux). When you released your great frontend, I quickly installed all required components and got it up and running. In fact it ran great for months. To keep up with your frequent releases I had scheduled a ‘git pull’ via cron twice a day. It would seem that this level of automation has bitten me. I’m not sure when, but a some point, an upgrade seems to have broken compatibility with my opensprinkler. The frontend can still access the device settings and station names, but everything else just generates a spinning circle and hangs. The weather “widget” is also missing. It seems to me to be a communication issue between the fronted and the controller.

Things I have tried:
– Clearing browser cache/trying different browser & mobile devices
– Re-installing the OS firmware and re-configuring from scratch (via native web frontend)
– Deleting and re-cloning the git repo
– Using the frontend version hosted on Ray’s site (WORKS!)

I may just work my way back through you commits until I find a version that works again.

In any case, thanks for your contribution to this great opensource project.