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Let me research which files the 1.2/1.8.3 files the firmware is using and make sure the syntax matches what I am testing against. It is really weird that the hosted copy works fine since the logic should be the same.

Just to facilitate the troubleshooting, could you give me sample “source code” of the native interface output. For example, navigate to your OS at, /vs, /vo, /vp, and /gp?d=0. The output should be brief (not the current DOM state) of each page (just variables and sourcing some javascript).

Basically, my script has to parse the output from the OS and if it’s slightly different it might be causing an issue. I really don’t know which source code to look at for the code you’re 1.2U is using so the output above would be great (feel free to message me if you don’t want to attach it all here).

I will say the regex used has recently changed so something might have broken during that change. Should be an easy fix.