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I’m having some difficulty getting the Mobile Web App to work properly, and wonder if you have some suggestions.

I’ve updated both the interval program software and installed the mobile web app software today. I also enabled port fowarding for port 80 and modified the config.php to include the :8080 in the ip address for the RPi. I was able to create a login name and password, and get in to the front end software using both the external IP address and the internal LAN address. However, none of my stations are showing up in either the “edit stations” or “manual control” menus. I can veiw them and edit them if I go to the interval timer web interface, just not the mobile interface.

I have tried removing it and re-installing it from scratch, since that seemed to help in some cases, but in this case I got the same result.

I would be greatful for any suggestions you have.


UPDATE: It’s fixed. Apparently a good nights sleep will do wonders. I figured out that I must have corrupted the “snames.txt” file, because when I restored an old one from a back up everything worked! Yeah. What a great program! Now I can blow out my sprinklers without have to go inside to change the station. 🙂