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Hello there,

Have just recently received my OSPi. Congratulations to all involved on a fantastic product!

In regards to the Webapp, are you thinking of further developing it? Not that I feel it is insufficient, quite the contrary, it is absolutely fantastic, congratulations.

If however you might be considering other features would like to contribute my humble opinion:

1. Location weather. I had intially a very hard time setting up the weather display on the WebApp. I kept seeing screenshots with the weather report but for me nothing showed up. I only later realized I had to place something in Location but even then I got it wrong as aparently my location wasn’t found. May-be in this respects I would recomend having some sort of tooltips with example on what each setting is.

2. Translations. I looked at the code and noticed no internationalization possibility was being given. Now I am not sugesting you translate but possibly give users the option of creating a language file and translating themselves (I am Portuguese btw would be happy to provide a Portuguese translation file).

3. Weather report. Would it be possible to get say a 7 day weather report. May-be providing a link on the weather icon that would open a 7-day weather report?

4. Weather report + Automatic rain delay. It might just be me but I somehow find it hard to get a quick overview on what is happening with the weather report and the automatic delays. I think it could be usefull if we had a status/overview page on this respects. Say in the 7-day weather report page also include information on the percipitation forcast and what that is going to mean to the programs after applying the rain delay. Possibly even giving the user override ability for specific days.

5. Zone configuration. Currently when we add more zone expansion boards the number of station increases by 8. If you don’t have many sprinklers this is fine, but it starts to become dificult to manage when you have say 5 expansion board totalling 40 stations. It would be great to be able to create zones and then place the sation within the zones. When navigating to for example the manual control, stations would be separated by zones.

Well I think this is everything for now. Also I just realized that possibly some of these features are dependent on the interval program. If necessary I can post these suggestions somewhere more apropriate.

Once again many thanks for your work! This is a great application, looks great, works great, easy to use, fantastic!