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I love your ideas haha! Okay so this has me thinking: I will make the current status/station on the home page become a slide down box from behind the header. This way when a program is found running, a panel animates down from the header (dark gray background similar to now). I basically have this working while still keeping everything on one page. Will share soon (working on styling a bit more and also checking stations in between the station delay time). Once I have these fixed/worked on I will push this and show some screenshots!

Update: Added a screenshot, the slide animation is pretty nice up/down. The cool thing in this update is I got the station delay passed from PHP to javascript. This allows me to set a timeout based on the station delay therefore knowing exactly when to probe the server for a new station running instead of constant HTTP request. I also got to keep everything on one page for the iPhone 5 and most Android devices.