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Basically, you can set up multiple programs, each with the same start / end / interval time, but with different stations and run times.

I think the Open Sprinkler hardware combined with Samer’s mobile app is fantastic. I love the flexibility that comes with the open source model and the suggestions and ideas that an active community generates. I’m curious about the decision to have all stations in a program share the same run time. I can see it would work well in a commercial environment when each station irrigates an identically sized area, number of trees or rows of vines etc. But in my limited experience of residential systems, it’s unusual to have any two stations run the exact same length of time. The front lawn, for example, may need slightly more watering time than the back lawn that’s in shade.

I may be out of touch on this, but from my perspective the user interface would make more sense if each station’s run time could be adjusted within a “program”. I know it’s possible to create a Program for each station and set its run time, but that seems unnecessarily messy. Does anyone else share my concern?

Again, I love the app!!