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So, today I updated to the latest version of the interval program, says Software version: 2.0 at bottom right.

After a bit of a struggle I managed to get it right. My programs are there and it looks like it’s working. The Android native app also connects fine for all I can see. Last thing to check was the webapp… That did not work. It says System Disabled…

Re installing it gives me a bit of a problem since I can’t get it to accept the configuration, says that I should check IP and port number but I’m quite sure that they are fine.

Now, what I’m after is the automatic rain delay based on the weather forcast from Weather Underground. For all I can see it’s was/is connected to the webapp and the watcher.php script (I might be wrong here).

Is there any functionality in the ‘new’ interval program or the native app that handles the automatic rain delay like it used to with the webapp?

Is it possible to have both the webapp and the native app connected to the new interval program at the same time?

What am I missing?