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I just installed a fresh copy of OSPi from Dan’s repo and a fresh copy of my webapp from my repo and it ran no problems. I am now starting to think you both ran into a network issue at the same time so let’s try to treat them differently, for now.

Is your OSPi hosting the interval program and the mobile web app?
If not, is the server in the same house or network as the RPi?
If yes, are you using for the IP (try this if your not) or it’s LAN IP?

It seems your setup of the interval program went well, and yes the sn0 is an API call to get the station status for all stations. The problem is your web server (the language my program uses is PHP thats executed by the web server) communicating with the RPi. The most common problem is the server and RPi aren’t on the same network. This means you have to open ports and ensure your using the device’s WAN IP’s.