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I’m seeing some odd behavior with the preview window. It may actually be a problem with the underlying OS interval program, but I thought I’d post it to this thread first. It may just end up being my own misunderstanding as to how the program settings are interpreted.

In the following screenshots, I have my program configuration.
[attachment=0:3fivn8qt]IMG_1270.PNG[/attachment:3fivn8qt] [attachment=2:3fivn8qt]IMG_1271.PNG[/attachment:3fivn8qt]

Basically, I have a program that should run once through stations 1,2,3,4,5, and 7, running each for 10 minutes, all starting at 4:00 am. This would suggest that the entire program would run in about an hour (there is no station delay set). However, in the preview window (screenshot below), it shows the stations as running for about 25 minutes each, ending the complete cycle sometime after 6:00. Any ideas as to what’s causing this discrepancy?