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Oh right, that was something else I wanted to bring up. S06 and S08 do not show up because they are not assigned as being part of the program, so they are skipped and don’t appear in the preview. What’s a little strange, however, is that S07 (which is assigned to the program) is labeled as S6 (instead of S7). If I view the preview through a web browser with plenty of screen space, the labels show up as expected (S01, S02, S03, S04, S05, and S07). On an iphone, however, it appears that you’re assigning your own numbering scheme to the stations but it only assigns numbers to the stations that are displayed, when it should probably assign numbers to the hidden stations (even if they remain hidden).

As to my previous issue, I’m currently thinking that it’s a problem with the interval program itself. I’ve checked the OS web interface and that preview shows the same oddity. I’ll post the question to its own thread.