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I tried to address some of the issues tonight but the bigger ones are just taking longer that’s all.

Here’s what I got in today:

– When in the edit programs page, program headers are highlighted red to mark they are disabled
– Run-once will now remember your last programmed values and restore them each time you open the page. Also, I have added a reset button to change all the sliders to 0.
– Fixed a bug that caused AJAX requests to be sent twice. Possibly caused issues rendering pages and should be resolved now.
– The installer now does a more stringent test and attempts to identify OpenSprinkler machines, only. This should help focus people towards the right IP:port.

Update: @andrew I assign my own numbering to preview stations when on a narrow screen using CSS. Unfortunately, I have limited control numbering this way but it is a lot faster then a javascript solution hence why I am using it. Good news is rotating your iPhone clears to the next @media query which shows the full name. For now, I am going to ignore this bug, hopefully not a big deal?

Update 2: All above changes have also been pushed to the hosted version.