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@momanz wrote:

One thing I noticed is that after a while the weather box seems to just disappear from the main page. Sometimes it happens when I’m moving between pages, and just moments ago caught the section containing the weather information very elegantly slide off the screen while the “Information” group expanded in size to fill up the space. Is this normal / expected behavior? Once the weather disappears it seems the only way to bring it back is to restart the app.

I believe I fixed this issue recently. I also took steps to make sure the weather returned if it ever hide. So at the very least it’s able to come back and hopefully doesn’t hide frequently. By the way, the hiding is related to Yahoo not replying within a 5 second window.

@momanz wrote:

Another issue I saw occurs when I have a zone running and am watching the time remaining in the green dropdown. If I set down my phone and the phone display turns off (phone goes to sleep) and I return to the app after the sprinkler turns off, the countdown timer continues counting from what appears to be the time when the phone went to sleep. Seems like there may be a bit of missing code to check station status when waking from sleep and the green dropdown is present.

I just addressed this issue in the latest update. If the timer drifts for more than 3 seconds it assumes the device went to sleep and instead of attempting to recalculate the timer it immediately requests a new status page from the server. Should fix this issue completely.