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Current status is much better, however, I would put the ‘last run’ section after the ‘sprinkler stations’ section, thereby keeping the station status as the primary focus. Not having to scroll to see the status of the first 8 stations would be ideal. All in all, for a better UI experience, all pages should strive to keep the focused info on a single page.

Also, I have made a change to your code with regards to the 30minute default for the sliders (run once and edit programs…) I have stations that I run for 4 hours (drip irrigation zones), so I adjusted them all from 30 to 300. Might I suggest making this configurable and putting the value in the setting page?

Also, I seem to have the issue of the ‘preview programs’ not showing up sometimes… Similar to the issue you closed on git. I’ll see what I can find in the logs.

Awesome app, by the way – great work, and thank you for all of it!