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Hi again…

I’ve followed the thread closely and I really like how this app has evolved.

Now I’m starting to get confused.

1. Somewhere along the way the timezone calculation has gone bad. It used to take care of dst here in Sweden, we are GMT +1 and another +1 for dst right now. Both SW and HW clock on the Pi is correct but app tells me just GMT +1! That is it’s 1h less than the real time.

2. Rain Delay does not turn off at the specific time.

It is now Mon, 15 Jul 2013 10:45 and I still have rain delay active! If it’s any help my delay duration is set to 12h.
This also used to work but sorry to say I can’t really say when it stopped.

UPDATE: Looks like even if the rain delay is active the program, only have one, has run during the night, at least the log say so…

I’m running the interval prg from Dan’s Git dated Jun 19 and have been up to date with the webapp all the time and yes, I’m on the OSPi.