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@andrew I love these weather based add ons for the system. I just want to highlight some hesitation I have and how I plan to get around them.

The first problem is the weather data. I want to make sure we choose the best source that won’t cause us problems down the road and contain trustworthy data. The other problem in regard to weather source is cost. Most are free for personal use but regardless all require an API key (something I suspect some user’s will have issues with). I understand most here in the forum say they can handle getting an API key but unfortunately I don’t think the general audience can.

The second problem is trust. Right now, my web app and the interval program are undergoing heavy changes and trying to bolt down a reliable weather control seems far-fetched to me. I personally would not trust my web app (yet) to handle complex weather analysis and program changes. The only weather based addition I have added was automatic rain delay because I trust that will work as advertised (not saying it’s the best solution, just saying I trust it to work).

As things begin to stabilize in the basic UI/function arena I hope people smarter than me can add on the weather based control’s to either my web app or directly to the firmware (which is probably ideal). I think adding weather control outside of the main device requires the server to always be in sync and connected to the OpenSprinkler which adds another link that can break. The nice thing about my web app is even if your server completely dies, the OpenSprinkler functions as normal.