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@Richp wrote:

Current status is much better, however, I would put the ‘last run’ section after the ‘sprinkler stations’ section, thereby keeping the station status as the primary focus. Not having to scroll to see the status of the first 8 stations would be ideal.

I just addressed these issues in the latest commits. On an iPhone 5 you can see 13 stations on the current status page and an iPad 16. The last run is in the footer of the status page now.

I still want to do more work on the status page, ex. add total program time remaining.

Update: Just realized that was commit #300! Been a long journey.

Update 2: I removed the firmware version from the status page. It stood out and didn’t belong there anymore in my opinion. I plan on moving this information over to the about page however since the about page is filled in on page load (currently) a HTTP request to the OpenSprinkler would slow down the initial page load. Therefore, I will poll the firmware version using AJAX when the about page is requested, in a future update.