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Here are the steps I would suggest:
– Check if the green LED on the Ethernet jack is on.
– Go to options (press and hold the 3rd pushbutton while powering up the controller), and set DHCP to no (i.e. use static ip). Press and hold the 3rd pushbutton until the controller restarts, see if it can get past the ‘Connecting to Network’ screen.

If the above two fail, that means the Ethernet controller has failed to start for some reason. You should carefully check the Ethernet controller, see if there are any bent or unsoldered pins. Also check if you’ve soldered the 25MHz crystal to the correct location.

If the above two succeed, it may have to do with the controller not able to get DHCP. Try static ip (make sure you set an ip that’s compatible with your router setings, and you set the correct gateway ip). Hope this helps.