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@salbahra wrote:

which OpenSprinkler product to you own?

OpenSprinkler (V2.0),firmware 2.0.0, with Zone Expansion Board v1.1.

I have still only the master and first 4 stations working….

Input voltage 29vac, master valve shows the same with stations showing 28.7vac (due to distance??).

So the problem still remains that stations 6,7 and 8 showing 28.7vac when system is on and master valve showing 29vac but no water flow. However when I manually turn the master valve on I get water flow. I also show it all working in the LCD display.

The other 3 stations are on the expansion board, which I think is faulty. No display on LCD for expansion board stations. Also showing 0.14vac on all stations??? I have installed extension cable with the bump up.