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Well I have to say, I have seen some REALLY REALLY scary things in my life, and I would say 75% of them were by people who were not trained professionals. That said, the other 25% was by supposedly SKILLED tradesmen. or women. It is shocking to me that you can even get a license to do electrical work without some pretty basic knowledge. So book reading and online searches may be OK to learn, but the only REAL way to learn some things is to talk to someone who is truly skilled, and knowledgeable in the field. I started in the business when I was 14, and well I am MUCH older now, so I have learned both good and bad things along the way. I have also taught many apprentices in the field and was affiliated with a community college teaching the “book learning” that is required as well for many years.

So I have to say, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert, but I also admit, I have people and resources that I use on at least a monthly basis to answer MY questions.

Ok, so enough lecture time. LOL.. but in all seriousnous, if anyone has any electrical questions, feel free to ask and I will do what I can to assist. I have learned so much on this site and also very grateful to all the parties that have worked so hard to make this a truly great product!