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Hi Ray and Salbahra,
I have been using app ver. 1.2.1 and firmware 2.0.9 without problems. Today I updated to fw 2.1.0-beta and struck problems right away. I have my router set to allocate predefined ip addresses according to a table of known mac addresses for convenience. If I install 2.1.0b and then reboot the device it behaves normally and accepts the predefined ip address normally. However if I then import my saved configuration via the 1.2.1 app, and reboot the device takes a considerable time to obtain an ip address and then its the wrong one, ie the dhcp server in the router treats it as an unknown mac address. It seems as though importing the saved configuration somehow corrupts the mac address being sent to the router when the device requests an ip address.
I have installed 2.1.0b and then back to 2.0.9 repeatedly and the problem always occurs with 2.1.0b firmware after importing a saved configuration.
I will use 2.0.9 until the issue is resolved.