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Looking at a 2.0.9 backup file it seems the Device ID is backed up. If it’s actually used on an import in 2.0.10 is another story altogether…

In mine -> “devid”:1

On further investigation I think I found your problem. With a 2.0.9 Export, and when using DHCP, your config file exports your IP as ‘’ and DHCP as ‘1’. I think the Import procedure in 2.0.10 is broken because when I import the backup file then I get an IP of and DHCP set to ‘No’. The same goes for the GW IP. I did however confirm that 2.0.10 does set the Device ID to 1, in my case, so if the DHCP import setting is fixed then I am sure you won’t have any more problems.

Suggestion to Ray & Samer: When DHCP is set to ‘1’ and you export to a backup, please change the IP to ‘’ and also ignore the IP when importing. Another issue I found is that the NTP IP is also not exported if changed to a user specified IP. It might all be fixed in 2.0.10 but I am just highlighting the issues found in 2.0.9 that could still be an issue in 2.0.10.