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The start time in a program is not saved. You can set it up, then leave the program, go back and the start time is missing. It’s missing from the program preview too.

I can confirm that this happens when using ‘Fixed Start Times’. It’s likely a UI bug, will be fixing this shortly today.

Then one more thing. In the stations edit, I have tried to test a station (for example #2). The “start” button has changed to a red “stop” one immediately and the water has been flowing. But a few seconds later the “start” buton for station #3 has turned red too. I have noticed that same thing happens randomly for other stations as well.

I can’t reproduce this issue. Can you go to the Current Status page and check what program (regular program, run-once, or test?) these random stations are running? Also, can you confirm if the stations are physically running? This can help us figure out if it’s a UI bug or firmware bug.