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Hi; I was happy to see the introduction of automatic determination of sunrise/sunset times with a view to eventually have them triggering programs, but unfortunately this feature is not working for me. Neither is automatic time zone setting.

Specifically, neither time zone nor sunset/sunrise is correctly set whether I select a large city or a PWS location, or if I enter an API key or not.

I was able to enter the time zone manually pressing B3 as the OpenSprinker started, but the sunrise/sunset times are still wrong. I think they may still be the timings for Boston, offset by my time zone versus theirs. NTP sync itself is working OK.

Here’s a clue; I’m in the southern hemisphere. I’ve had issues with other software not accepting negative latitudes before. An unsigned variable somewhere in the works?

Other than the above, the new UI and features are a great step forward, thanks heaps for all your work on this 🙂

PS; can someone explain the arrangements for GitHub going forward please? I like to compile and upload manually (using Arduino IDE in Win7), which is working fine. I note the source for the beta is in a separate repo, but I’m still having to link back to Ray’s main repo for the Arduino IDE Hardware files.