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I am using the UI on my PC running Windows 7.
Unfortunately the app on my Iphone does not work yet.

My set up is:
Station # 1 is the Master which is required to operate for each other station.

I am not trying to run a program. I am just trying to test a station using the “test station”
I have tried to test station#2, which has turned “red”.A few seconds later station #3 turnsed”red” as well. Only station #2 is phisically operated. Station # remains shut.
Similar things have happened to station#13 but this time the start button has remained green and station #14 has turned red. Only station #13 phisically is running the water.

Same random problems have happened to other stations.

I have been testing the stations for 1 min max. The logs show that some stations have been operated for 12 h or more. It looks like the long run stations are the ones which phisically were not opened. I will drop you an e-mail with the screen shots.