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If you don’t have SD card, the log will be empty. Will check the issue about spinning icon, but there won’t be any log data if you don’t provide a SD card.

Which NTP IP did you change it to? I tried a different one and it seems to work fine, I didn’t see the UI hanging. One possibility is that if you changed NTP server to one that’s invalid or inaccessible, the controller may be trying to reach that server and eventually timeout. Meanwhile the UI may freeze until the controller times out.

Yeah that is it, i was trying to change it to, and pings to it are failing.

NTP is working fine now. [ is working, (You can’t ping it), but it is working now, don’t know what was happening before]

when i try to view the logs it just spins. (I don’t have an SD Card so i don’t expect to see the logs, but it is not expected that the thing spins all of the time.