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Been on version 2.0.6 here. It was locking up until I shut off Auto Connect.

When it’s about to get mad and lockup the following happens:

>Inability to get to the website reliably on PC. Page loading was slow. (device reboot fixes temporarily)
>If I made it in to the website the Programs page would not load at all. (device reboot fixes temporarily)
>Gradual degradation of overall site performance until it would just fully lock up. (device reboot fixes temporarily)
>Impossible to access with iPad browser or app. (device reboot fixes temporarily)

Perhaps it’s overtaxed with a rogue process or a memory leak until it locks? The slow degradation almost hints to a memory leak.

The IP Stack(or the monitoring code around it) has always been a little strange as the connectivity bars display in the lower right corner would eventually show disconnected(little X) even though it was fine. I was hoping 2.0.6 would fix that. Alas, it did not.

Just foods for thought.