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Mine reset itself via Watchdog patch over the night some time. Not sure when. I can tell because my Log last run was empty which signifies a reboot.
I suppose this is a good thing. However I suspect reboots may happen during a watering event and I would lose that program until the next run time.
Better than the thing fully locked while I’m on vacation I guess.

Current Configuration:
OpenSprinkler 2.0 System Board Design
2.0.7 Firmware
Network directly connected to switch via 8 foot CAT5
Static IP Address
Auto Reconnect On (Will try off again but this did not matter in 2.0.6, still locked)
NTP Sync On (2.0.6 still locked regardless of this setting)
2 Programs
5 Stations
No enhanced features used.

1 Watchdog Reset event so far