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Hi Eric,

I am really sorry to hear that. Right now I can’t think of any obvious reason why the firmware upgrade would cause it to freeze. The fact that it freezes probably indicates that it’s having trouble connecting to the network (and thus spending most of the time establishing connections instead of responding). So my first question is: is it able to get a valid IP address? and can you see from the LCD screen (the little WiFI-style icon) whether it’s connected or disconnected? One difference in firmware 2.0.4 is that the software-defined Mac address has changed. I am wondering if this may have caused some trouble.

I also suggest trying to turn the ‘Auto Reconnect’ option to No — if the controller doesn’t freeze any more, then the problem is due to issues connecting to the router; if the controller still freezes, the the problem is somewhere else.

A support email has been sent to you. Please see the instructions therein. Thanks.