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Dan in CA

Hi all,

I’ve been offline for a few days. Traveled to Arizona and got to observe some dry farming methods that use little or no irrigation at all. When we arrived in AZ the temperature was predicted to be 120 deg.F (48.9 deg. C) but it didn’t reach that and there were thunder showers.

I am looking through the posts from the last week or so and will try to fix any open bugs. I will also be working on adding the sequential option that is in version 1.8.3 of the OS firmware.

The next update will also include aradke’s suggestion for adding the faveicon. All that required was is to download the icon file and place it in the icons directory under OSPi/static/images then add the following line to the “home” class in

homepg += 'n'

The last update was supposed to get posted to Ray’s Github account. I am just learning to use Github and things should work better going forward.

Thanks to salbahra for all the help with bugs.