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Dan – I just updated to your latest. Thanks for putting that together.

I am observing one interesting little bug on the program preview. I am in California and I noticed that with some of the modifications mentioned in this thread that I don’t see the red line on the program preview for the current day when it is rather late in the day. A little while ago (at 11:20 PM PT Monday), I noticed that the red line is showing up on the Tuesday page at 11:20 PM. (http://:8080/gp?d=9&m=7&y=2013) I also noticed that the page referred to itself as the “Program Preview of Today”. So, I think there might be some confusion on the time zones in the preview page.

Edit: Opps… I should have read back a few posts. I think this is exactly what aradke mentioned. By the way, my post earlier about a single time was not really related to time zones as someone later implied. I was really talking about the potential for an intermittent problems when, during the same pass through the main loop, the time reference might be different by a millisecond or two.