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Thanks for the suggestions.

1. Could the Updater be made to resize, the Log section is very small and it’s difficult to read the output.

Good point, I just updated the program to use bigger fonts.

2. Is there a way to customise/remember the HW version you have? Not everyone has the latest HW and it would be nice to have your own hardware selection come up first every time you run the Updater.

Unfortunately there isn’t a good way to do this through hardware yet — there is no signature byte or something in the EEPROM that stores the hardware version. That’s why the firmware updater includes hardware descriptions (such as the terminal block color) to help identify the hardware version. In the future we should put a sticker at the back of the enclosure printed with the version number.

3. In the README file you explain everything you need to get things going but you never say where the exe or bat file is to execute, could you update the README file to make things a bit clearer for the ‘not-so-technical’ people out there.

Well the README.txt stores information that will be displayed when you click on ‘README First’ button on the updater. So it assume you’ve already run the program. I thought it’s fairly obvious that the executable program is in the subfolder named application.win32 and similar.