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@TechFan wrote:

I was thinking that this bug only affected the config restore, but it is really any space settings. I found that the first station name that has a space prevents any other later station names to be saved.

You are absolutely right. This is an awful bug and apologize for not weeding it out before release. Since this is a firmware bug, I have added a fix into the UI to replace spaces with underscores allowing the program to function. The next firmware release will fix this issue once and for all. The UI will be pushed out soon which should immediately fix everyone’s issue. The app will have an update to follow as well however that will need to be approved by the store, etc.
@TechFan wrote:

Btw salbahra, edit programs doesn’t display disabled programs in red until one of the programs gets saved.

Thank you for this. I was able to observe this bug and have fixed it. Should have it pushed out very soon.

Thank you for your patience as we address these issues!