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Not to ruin your plans but there are limitations. The new UI introduced in 2.0.8 cannot run off the SD card due to network issues. The controller has a hard time serving 10-12 simultaneously requested files (css, js, images, etc). As a result, you will have to use the older UI and 2.0.8 will be the last firmware capable of supporting it.

So, 2.0.8 is the last version to allow storing the files on the SD??

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With this said, I understand the recent firmware introduced bugs but ideally this won’t happen again. This firmware had several moving parts but going forward things will be a lot smoother.

The bugs I can work around, and help report, but when I buy a device to use for my own use at home, I want it to be able to operate by itself independently on my network, not be reliant on _anything_ outside my network to work. If my internet goes down (I live where only wireless internet service is available), I still need to be able to control my sprinkler system.

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I may be one of few, but I still want to control what happens on my devices locally.

The thing is, you never lose control. The UI is like an app on the App Store. It is subject to change. Just like Facebook and every major website/app. The UI/UX adapts to usage patterns and improves over time. I don’t see how this improvement can be a bad thing. Now, if you want to argue from a poor connection perspective I understand and offer the “older” UI for now.

I hear you about the app comparison, but in my perspective, this is not the same thing. . .in this case, I am trying to control a device that is local on my own network. With apps, I never update them without reading the release notes and I definitely don’t have auto-update enabled. Frequent updates are nice, but I should get to choose when these updates take place for my local system and should be able to operate completely independent from an “internet service.” Also, I don’t want my devices reaching out to the internet without my direction to do so. Definitely less than ideal since I really feel OS should be able to operate on its own, but I guess an alternative would be to host the needed files on my own internal web server.