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Thanks for tracking down so quickly! So the GUI is auto updating or is hosted on the internet? I don’t like the idea that I can’t use my device if something outside my network is not accessible. In general, I don’t want my tools updating with my direct approval.

You misunderstood the way html works. When you access OpenSprinkler, it returns two pieces of information to your browser: the controller’s internal variable, like time, sprinkler station status; and a pointer to Javascripts which are responsible for rendering the webpage. OpenSprinkler itself is never reaching out to the Internet, it’s the browser, upon receiving the pointers from the controller, goes to remote server to retrieve the Javascripts. It’s a pretty standard approach. Again, OpenSprinkler does not rely on the Internet to run; however, to see the webpages on your browser, your browser needs to access the Internet.

If you use the OpenSprinkler mobile app on your phone or pad, the app embeds the Javascripts so in that case the app doesn’t need to access Internet either.

You can also serve the Javascript files directly on the SD card. But this is a lot slower due to the transfer speed from the SD card.