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I think it is safe to assume that 2.0.8 is a FAILURE. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure is good, it is how we learn. It is ok to make mistakes. It is not ok to repeat those same mistakes.

The number of comments tells me 2.0.8 is a failure. I like many others was bit by the NEW AND UNDOCUMENTED no spaces rule. Which in turn probably corrupted the Import/Export. Not only did I lose the names of the stations I lost most of the programs.

I find it best to document changes as you code. This takes longer and is tedious, but you end up with better documentation. Additionally, you can avoid people like me telling you how to do your job. That alone makes it the thing to do.

1. Add more testing.
2. Fix the Import/Export.
3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, test, test, test and then retest.
4. PLEASE, restore the ability to use SPACES. A space is as good a character as any. Do not discriminate against the SPACE character.
5. Finally, ADD MORE TESTS.