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@TechFan wrote:

I didn’t try direct web before restoring from osx. Both iOS app and osx app missing programs. No logs during that time. Errant errors. Password has not be changed since setup osx app.

The only way for the invalid password error to show up is if OpenSprinkler returns a 401 and it’s only shown on commands that change options/programs/etc:

if (e.status===401 && //(?:cv|cs|cr|cp|uwa|dp|co|cl|cu)/.exec(dest)) {
showerror(_("Check device password and try again."));


This makes me wonder if the firmware is giving you issues. After you restore, do things work smoothly again?

Update: I just learned the OpenSprinkler returns 401 for more than password error. Let me see what I can figure out.

Update 2: Can you reproduce this while capturing it on video or series of screenshots? I am having a hard time reproducing this issue. Thanks!