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Too bad you’ve decided to discontinue the original UI; in my experience, it was 10x better, even when used with my phone, not just desktop. Is there any way (SD card?) to keep the old UI around?

I understand your concern, but consider that:
1. The original UI is based on static html pages, which are very much outdated and do not offer dynamic page updates;
2. The original UI requires duplicate program code to output basically the same information as JSON — this takes away valuable resources that can be used to implement new features.
3. The original UI and mobile UI are inconsistent and it’s becoming too much overhead to maintain two different UIs. It’s much easier to maintain just the mobile one which can be used across all platforms.

The reason the new UI is slow is partly due to the fact that it needs to be compatible with all OpenSprinkler firmwares, including OSPi software. But Samer has been working to address this issue by making use of browser caching, so that UI may take longer on first load but from then on it’s much snappier.

You asked about keeping the old UI around: this unfortunately is not possible from 2.0.9, due to reason 2 I mentioned above. Thanks.