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@ray wrote:

@donc: can you try the following:
and put in the default password opendoor, then click on submit. Does it report ‘script url saved’, or does it throw out an Unauthorized error? If it reports url saved, that means the password is accepted and it’s likely a UI or browser related issue; if you see ‘Unauthorized’, that probably means the EEPROM reset was not successful, please redo the EEPROM reset (make sure you wait until the ‘RESETTING EEPROM’ message on the LCD is done).

I did the following:
1. Reset EEPROM.
2. Changed IP to vi B3 “Set Options”
3. Opened new browser page (IE9)
4. Set URL to
5. Browser returned with “” page asking for password
6. Entered “opendoor” password; browser returned dialog “Script url saved”
7. Clicked on OK button; browser page changed to “new” login/password page
8. Entered “opendoor” password; yielded “INVALID PASSWORD”

Note: Sometimes after step 4 the browser page is the page that says password incorrect and goes on to ask about caps locked, etc. This is the same page that would sometimes show up in the old UI when changing from one mode to another or going to or returning from Options page. This was inconsistent on the old UI — didn’t always happen, but after a page refresh all would start working again.

UPDATE: My Home Automation System (Mi Casa Verde Vera3) is able to successfully communicate with OS using opendoor pw. I can change pw in Vera to a bogus pw and it doesn’t work. Change it back and it does work. Does this point to a browser/UI problem?