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It looks like the space in the folder name was the issue.

OK, I am able to reproduce the problem as you said. This only happens on Mac (if the folder path has a SPACE character in it), because for some reason Processing assumes the ‘current directory’ on Mac is the home directory; whereas in Windows and Linux the ‘current directory’ is the folder where the executable program exists. Therefore for Windows and Linux you can use the relative path ./ or ../ to reference the firmware files. That’s also why on Mac the code has to use sketchPath(“”) to obtain the absolute path name of the ‘current directory’.

Anyways, the issue can be fixed by wrapping the path around quotes, something like this:
command = “”” + sketchPath(“”) + “../avr-macos/bin/avrdude” -C “”+sketchPath(“”)+”../avr-macos/etc/avrdude.conf “”;
this should solve the SPACE character issue. Will update the programs later today.

the windows version also seems to have issues with the avr lines. . .

Can you be more specific? I am not sure what you mean.