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I am not sure why it is working differently for me. I have tried it on two different Win7 computers. . .one x86 and the other x64. Both have the same problem. I did figure out what line is causing the issue, but I am not sure why and I don’t know why you aren’t seeing the problem. I guess I was also working on my OSX system that runs off SSD, maybe they are enough faster that they copy was complete before the next command started.

I commented out this line and the process works. . .it seems this command must still have the file locked when the next process starts which causes it to fail out. . .you added checks for success which is why it is stopping now when it would have just proceeded previously. I guess we need to take it out. . .I just wanted to maintain a backup copy since the process won’t start if this file is missing.

So, we either need something that can introduce a wait time to allow for completion or remove this line. In other tools, finding a sleep option was simple. . .doesn’t seem so with processing.

// saveStream(“../os_firmware_info_backup.txt”, “../os_firmware_info.txt”);

It seems like it should still run/start up even with that file missing. . .and then try to retrieve it. . .