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Ok. It had to do with the path name. At first I thought it was permissions as well because I had allowed the process via the button on the security page instead of disabling the security completely like I did last time. But, that wasn’t it. I already had an updater in my downloads folder, so it got extracted to osFirmwareUpdater 2 instead of osFirmwareUpdater. It looks like the space in the folder name was the issue. I tested and found that the error is happening in the device detection routine.

It appears this line doesn’t like being in a path with a space in the osFIrmwareUpdater folder. . .I am not sure how to fix this one though. . .that is why I had different path detection logic in my script, because the .. folder navigation didn’t work when I was testing.

This is the line that fails on OSX if there is a space in the folder name:

\ Line added for debugging
println(“Now I am here – ” + sketchPath(“”) + “../avr-macos/bin/avrdude -C “+sketchPath(“”)+”../avr-macos/etc/avrdude.conf “);
command = sketchPath(“”) + “../avr-macos/bin/avrdude -C “+sketchPath(“”)+”../avr-macos/etc/avrdude.conf “;