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@rszimm wrote:

I just uploaded the latest build. You can get it here :

It’s built with either the Visual Micro plugin for Visual Studio, or else the version 2012-05-23 makefile on a linux platform (what a pain in the ass that thing is..)

When you start it up, it currently binds to IP address and port 8080. You can change that via the web page, or you can edit the code to make it something that works on your network.

There’s a tftp server built in to upload the web pages to the SD card. There’s a little bash shell script called xfer that you can use to ease the upload. OR, simply use your desktop to copy the files in the web directory to a /web folder on the SD card.

Good luck!

I apologize that there’s not a whole lot of step-by-step here. If there’s interest I can go into more depth…

Hi Rszimm,
Thanks, for uploading your code.
I havet used atmel studio till now.
I will try to download install and test your code on hardware.
Hope it is not to much complex comparing to arduino.
Will post here the experiance.