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ok so here is how i got it to work with the Net+LCD shield…

D4 is used on my ethernet card for the MicroSDcard slot so I had to bend the D4 pin on the LCD shield so it did NOT insert into the ethernet shield. then I jumpered the D4 LCD pin to the D2 on the ethernet shield that is a pass thru from the Mega board.

D10 also gets in the way…

i changed this code in defines.h

#define PIN_LCD_D4 2 // LCD d4 pin – default = 20 or D2 for the LCD shield stacked on a net card that uses D4 for the SDcard

to be a “2” instead of a “4′

ALSO I disabled this

//#define PIN_LCD_BACKLIGHT 10 // LCD backlight pin – default = 12

and commented OUT = // every line that tried to use it. backlight works fine

now NTP and everything works 🙂

Dave P