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noticed that you had some dupes in defines.h here is my working ones

// ===== Added for Freetronics LCD Shield =====
#define PIN_LCD_RS 8 // LCD rs pin – default = 19
#define PIN_LCD_EN 9 // LCD enable pin – default = 18
#define PIN_LCD_D4 2 // LCD d4 pin – default = 20 -DKP- or D2 for the LCD shield stacked on a net card that uses D4 for the SDcard
#define PIN_LCD_D5 5 // LCD d5 pin – default = 21
#define PIN_LCD_D6 6 // LCD d6 pin – default = 22
#define PIN_LCD_D7 7 // LCD d7 pin – default = 23
#define PIN_LCD_RS 8 // LCD rs pin – default = 19
//#define PIN_LCD_BACKLIGHT 10 // LCD backlight pin – default = 12 -DKP- net shield uses D10 as well. so I have backlight always on
#define PIN_LCD_CONTRAST 36 // LCD contrast pin – default = 13
#define PIN_ETHER_CS 37 // Ethernet controller chip select pin – default = 4
#define PIN_SD_CS 38 // SD card chip select pin – default = 0
#define PIN_RAINSENSOR 39 // rain sensor is connected to pin D3 – default = 11
#define BUTTON_ADC_PIN A0 // A0 is the button ADC input

You are my hero, I will try to apply this to my setup.
Would be good to use if statements in order to remain compatible with the main code maintained by ray.

If NTP works than I can continue to modify code for my purposes of heating controller.

I managed to get it working following your suggestions.
Only isue is that is still freezes once in day or 2.
I couldn’t figure out why and I made a workaround. A watchdog on Openwrt router.
As my Arduino is powered from TPlink 824nd with Openwrt on it I used it to powercycle arduino if it doesn’t reply to ping in 3 minutes in cron in openwrt

I have my setup switching on and off my heating and some lights.

Do anybody know how hard would it be to port 2.0.2 code to standard Arduono shield in this thread knowing that 2.0 is the base?