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Hi Dave,

thank you for your work. And also big thanks to Ray for all his effort with OpenSprinkler!

I was able to put together my own OpenSprinkler setup in no time using your code and recommendations. Works great on MegaR3 + Ethernet shield + Freetronics LCD shield. I’m not using RTC but as long as the system is online it does not really matter.

I’m planning to make some code changes, to add monitoring of environmentals (temperature, humidity) with datalogger and maybe add water flow meter. Also I’m planning to make the controller serve static HTML content from its SD card instead of the Ray’s hosted version, to enable HTML editing and UI extensions. Since Mega has a lot more resources it is feasible and should be fairly straightforward.

Do you know by any chance if somebody was doing similar mods?

Also I’m using this sprinkler controller with a mix of the regular 24VAC valves and Orbit DC (garden hose-type) valves, using pretty simple circuit on the top of the standard relay shield. If anybody is interested I can post details.