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@rszimm wrote:

I just uploaded the latest build. You can get it here :

It’s built with either the Visual Micro plugin for Visual Studio, or else the version 2012-05-23 makefile on a linux platform (what a pain in the ass that thing is..)

Hi Richard, thank you for posting the code.

I tried to compile the code using VS2012 + Visual Micro, but I’m getting compile errors related to SdFat. Which version of the library are you using for this project?


I got it compiled. One of the files had (unnecessary and problematic) reference to SD.h, and since I had this library in my standard Arduino installation it was picked up, messing up SdFat32 files.

One question I have – it seems that this version of the code does not have any support for the local LCD. Is it the case? And what is used instead?


***Update 2***

I got it all working, it appears that this firmware version does not have local LCD/buttons support and the UI is strictly via the WEB browser.
I’m thinking to experiment with it a bit and maybe add local LCD/buttons support, or maybe I will just stick with the original OpenSprinkler for now.