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@plainolddave wrote:

No worries – thanks Ray

After testing for a week or so it seems to hang at odd intervals every two to three days. Working hypothesis for whats causing the issue is either:
1) buffer overrun – I’d opened port 8080 to the internet so wondering if the input was being flooded occasionally? (i.e. port scanners, malware etc) – have closed it now to see if makes any difference
2) slow memory leak (sigh)

Will look at some diagnostics when I get a chance , however in the meantime a watchdog will do the trick to keep it running

In fairness – porting to the W5100 ethernet is just a bit of fun to reuse what I had…. wouldn’t be recommending to do it this way if you were staring from scratch (just order an opensprinkler! 😀 )



Hi Dave I am very interested for using your code . I have the same hardware but have problem copmiling the code.

I get error in line 243 of EtherCard_W5100.cpp:

EtherCard_W5100.cpp: In static member function ‘static byte EtherCard::packetLoopIcmpCheckReply(const byte*)’:
EtherCard_W5100.cpp:243: error: no matching function for call to ‘ICMPPing::ICMPPing(SOCKET&)’
C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesicmp_ping/ICMPPing.h:125: note: candidates are: ICMPPing::ICMPPing(SOCKET, uint8_t)
C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesicmp_ping/ICMPPing.h:113: note: ICMPPing::ICMPPing(const ICMPPing&)
EtherCard_W5100.cpp:244: error: no match for call to ‘(ICMPPing) (int, byte [4], char [])’
C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesicmp_ping/ICMPPing.h:136: note: candidates are: ICMPEchoReply ICMPPing::operator()(const IPAddress&, int)
C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesicmp_ping/ICMPPing.h:147: note: void ICMPPing::operator()(const IPAddress&, int, ICMPEchoReply&)

Do you know why it could be. I downloaded the librairies listed and iported to arduino 1.0.5 version.

Thanks for help.