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@ray wrote:

Cool, looks nice and thanks for sharing.

I suspect it can’t fit all together to the current enclosure, since the enclosure (Serpac 032C) isn’t very high. However, if you have some way of making cutouts yourself, you can get Serpac 033 or 133 enclosure, which has extended height and I believe can fit with the base of 032C enclosure:
Digikey and Mouser both have these enclosures at very reasonable price.

Thanks for the tip on the enclosure. I hadn’t figure out what I was going to do yet.

@craigmw wrote:

This looks interesting. Are you directly modifying the code in the interval program, or using the add-on approach that has been included in recent updates? I can see this being very useful for the exactly the purpose you state.

The actual menu control code I am building separately so it can be used regardless of what program you run for the sprinklers. I haven’t quite decided if I will put additional code in the interval add-on or if I will just query the interval program for sprinkler status and have that be configurable in the menu program. It would be really nice if you could check the status of a shift register to get the status of a sprinkler station but from what I see you cannot.