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@guylior I just issued another update to fix a few more issues however the slider is working fine on my end. I know this is very confusing and I apologize but do you know which version of everything you are running? My program puts all the required information on the bottom of the About page, accessed via the side panel. This is the firmware version and the mobile version number.

As for OSPi, the revision number and date is embedded in If you could give me all of those versions I can try to pinpoint your issue. In the meantime, I will continue improving the support between the two however it will require some code changes on OSPi end, so please be patient while Dan accepts these new changes.

Here are the versions I am currently using:
Mobile Version: 4a66440
Firmware: 1.8.3
Revision: 139
Revision Date: 10/16/13

With these versions, everything works except saving option changes. This will be solved as soon as the pull request to OSPi are approved.

Thank you